Welcome to our shop! We are an official distributor of Brandit products. We make it easy to buy products of the high quality German brand Brandit in North America and Worldwide.

We offer easy, reliable and fully trackable shipping to the US and Canada and installment payment.

We ship Worldwide with DHL, UPS and Asendia. Payment later or by installments is also available via Klarna in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Finland.

Other accepted payment methods are: credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover), PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay + some local payment methods like iDeal in the Netherlands, Bancontact in Belgium or MyBank in Italy.

We are located a few miles from the Brandit HQ and we ship all orders out within 1-3 business days.

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We have the ambition to make products for people who like to be outdoors.
Long-lasting quality and timeless design characterise us just as much as
a stable core range. The products have to function at their best and they
have to meet high standards in terms of materials and workmanship. That is
why we test each of our products ourselves in everyday life and on our tours.

We do not make fashion and trends!
We make clothing for all the individualists in the world!

That we/Brandit have remained true to our core values over more than 15 years of business, has helped us to create a
company that we enjoy running and for which we are proud to work. We would like to share this feeling with our families,
friends, employees, partners, suppliers, customers and fans.

Core values
Our most important values are: Reliability in relationships and communication. Consistency in design, functionality & quality.

The product
Our product design reveals our preference for consistency in design, functionality and quality. We measure the best product
according to these criteria: functionality, quality and durability. The best thing a company can do for sustainability is to
produce high-quality products that last for years or which can be recycled so that we can use their materials for as long as possible.

Sustainability also has a second level for us. The social.
From the very beginning until today we have been striving to create situations that enable our
partners and suppliers to also to grow and develop positively at all levels. We believe and work
according to the principle that reliability in relationship and communication of the community flourishes.

Do not cause unnecessary damage
We know that our business activities – from shop lighting to bleaching of products – is associated with
the pollution of our environment. We work continuously to improve our business practices to improve. And
we pass on the lessons we have learned. But we know that this is not enough. Not only do we strive not to
do unnecessary damage, but we also want to do more good.

Use the company to protect the environment
The challenges we face as a society can only be solved positively if every individual is involved and through
his sense of responsibility and his activities, his part in it. We’re happy to move forward. We like to take
risks in order to protect or restore the stability, integrity and beauty of nature.

We are not bound by any conventions
Our success, and what we enjoy incredibly much, lies in the development of new ways and methods.